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How to Prepare for a Headshot Photo Session

Updated: Jan 11, 2019

Congratulations on finally scheduling your professional headshot session! Now what? For some people, now is the perfect time to panic. When you’re dropping money on a professional photographer but anxious about your pictures, it can be tempting to not prepare well or cancel altogether. Don’t do that! Just follow a few simple steps, and your session will be a success.

Step one – Check your attitude.

Be positive! Hopefully, you have interviewed and feel comfortable with the photographer (if not, do that ahead of scheduling). Because you know why you need your headshots, try to have an open mind about the experience. Photographers work to make sure the shoot is enjoyable and fun, so roll with it and try to relax.

Step two – Consider your appearance.

Obviously, right? The Internet is filled with tips to prepare for the shoot, so wear something you love, get a good night’s sleep the night before, and consider the help of professionals for hair and make-up if you want to. Above all else, be yourself!

Step three – Trust your photographer.

During the session, photographers give a lot of instructions – sit up straight, turn your head a bit, chin down, chin up. That may feel uncomfortable, but the photographer knows how to get the best angles and has planned for your session before you arrived for the shoot. A great final image is a goal for you, but it’s also the photographer’s goal.

Step four – Embrace the results.

Most people get nervous about seeing their flaws, but your “flaws” are what make you human. Your imperfections don’t stand out to your potential customers the way you may think they do. In fact, others rarely notice.

If you aren’t happy with your appearance, try to focus on what you do like – a great smile, kind eyes, or beautiful hair because that is likely what others see in your image.

The experience of getting a professional headshot may not be an everyday event, so treat it like the adventure it is. Show up and be your wonderful self, and let the camera capture the real you.

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